Kingdom Teen Girls


Sunday - 9 AM Prayer, 10 AM Church Service

Kingdom Teen Girls

Every other Friday @ 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM Call for details

Overseer: Jen Lisi

Leader: Jenn Pagliarulo

Ages: 12 to 17

"My Vision for BCC" By Jenna Pagliarulo

My vision for Bethpage youth group is to raise up committed disciples. Choosing to be a disciple of Jesus Christ is the greatest choice someone can make. As I prayed for this youth group and what God wants to do… He gave me a vision of people who are truly and genuinely in love with him and excited to be used by him daily. There’s nothing more important than living for Jesus every single day. 
My vision for this youth group is for God to raise up warriors who are able to go and be light, hope, and joy to this lost and dying world. I desire to see the younger generation of sons and daughters arise and  live out their God given destiny’s and calls! I want God to raise up a generation of difference makers who are afraid to be luke warm. 
Lord through this youth group, raise up leaders in your army! Raise up sons and daughters who know who they are. Raise up a younger generation who is committed, submitted, and surrendered to the Holy Spirit in their every day lives! Raise up sons and daughters who love you more than the things of this world and desire your kingdom above all else!