Mentoring & Discipleship Group


Sunday - 9 AM Prayer, 10 AM Church Service

Thursday Evenings  @ 7:30 

Are you a Young Woman or a Young Mom, looking for something more in life? 

Do you want to be empowered by God so that you will 

fulfill all He has pre-destined for you to do?

 Call  Pastor Lisa for location or if on Zoom 



Lead by: Pastor Lisa Calabrese

Assistant Leaders Debra Berg and Dennisse Estrella



    Join Our Mentor & Discipleship Group     

      Meetings are in the Home of Pastor Lisa Calabrese  or on Zoom    

Here are a few comments from our young women about how helpful this group has been for these ladies:

 "This group provides stability in an otherwise unstable world." 

 "What draws people to be friends is when you see the truth & you're not afraid to share it. I would have never joined this group on my own! But my invitation to join came at a time when I was most vulnerable,  and I reluctantly accepted;  though I was sure, I would get sound biblical truth, teaching, knowledge, etc. The only thing I did not anticipate was to fully understand the meaning of fellowship, friendship, & family. To have all these ideas challenged, changed & redefined, has been one of the greatest gifts from God Himself.  For me to grow in relationship with Him, through & in the safety of the love He desires we have for one another. We daily seek the same truths, we hope to share it, live it, & love one another through it.

 "The group shows me that friendship is not based on how I am loved, but rather, how I love others. It is a safe place for me; these women rejoice with me during high moments and mourn with me during my 

sorrowful seasons. My mentor, & friends, give me truth to help me mature & grow as a woman of God."


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