Women's Bible Study


Sunday - 9 AM Prayer, 10 AM Church Service




                     Mtg. Date:      2nd WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH 

                     Time:            7:00 pm to 9:00 pm 

                    Facilitator:   Karen Schultz

                    Place:            BETHPAGE COMMUNITY CHURCH

                    Pastoral Overseer/Covering:  Pastor Lisa Calabrese




 The Bible tells a Beautiful Story from: "In the Beginning"...To the End! " It's the story of how God is restoring our world, & us, through His Son, Jesus.  Every Book has a carefully laid-out literary design ~ so you won't get lost!  There are important repeated themes, that are woven like a tapestry, throughout the Bible story - for instance: The "covenants that Gad makes with people." Or the "Hope" for a human who will confront people in love, with compassion; or, how God's justice will one day make all things right!  Every theme culminates in the story of Jesus, the Christ. Discover profound ideas that contribute to the over-al story. The Bible is truly a work of literary genius that will transform how you live your life, today.  Join us as we learn, study & grow together ~ and glean from - 

The Bible Project!

BETHPAGE COMMUNITY CHURCH ~ 192 Broadway, Bethpage NY 11714  Phone: 516.454.6471